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Why did this ZdNet Writer choose to leach from me?

I was looking through my site's logs and noticed that a significant amount of bandwidth was being pulled from a ZDNET site. So I decided to photoshop a picture with the author so that maybe he'll learn to not leach images again.
This is so freaking cool. .lol

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Why did this ZdNet Writer choose to leach from me? - Thursday, December 22, 2005 -

2:37 PM

Hi nikhil's. New blogger here?
Just a visit to give you my answer to the story you link :

"Hi everybody,
I must say that reading all the comments here took me some time... Here is my answer to Bryant, and to the rest of you who have followed this (long) story.

- First of all, sorry for any trouble created on your server Bryant. I was calling the image from your server because of a bad use of the edit system, without knowing precisely the consequences of the "click" button for "image to add". In this case, there was no intentional "leaching". I used many others platforms before, on personal blogs, and never had any problem nor complaint on that point & servers matters...
- About my so called lack of reaction, just notice it is Christmas time, and that I am on vacation, not connected all time.
- Also, there are many other ways to inform us about the situation, like sending a mail to me or directly to ZDNet.fr, or adding a proper comment to the page. You could have chosen that, and we would have reach back to you immediatly.
- Concerning insults & violent comments (you keep online on your blog) about French people & others... my god, what could I say to those types of arguments...? Just thanks to your readers who posted more peaceful & rational comments.

If you would read french, you would see in the post & in the whole blog that my goal is to talk about IT news and behaviours. Your feedback would have been appreciated in this case; in lack of that step, thanks already for giving me inspiration for my next thoughts upon the IT community.

I hope now that the situation is clear for both of us."    

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