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where have i been ?
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ThanksGiving ..!

Thanksgiving weekend went really fast. .time just flew . I went to Philadelphia to meet my seniors and all my friends in Villanova where I did my Masters. It was fun to see the place where I spend almost 2 yrs. .Went to Cafe Spice, kinda desi restuarant in Phili. .The food was xcellent especially non veg. . (I Live to Eat as all my frinds know it. .) Also had my chicken finger hogie in Campus Corner..! That must be my 1000 th hogie. .used to have it every single day . .! Played some Quake 4 ..well actually saw Ninad playing it all time . .Lavanya and Lopa both were not well and were not with us. .neither at hotels nor to see movie. .Saw Zathura. .cool movie not to be watched again. .! The Jersey trip in Sachin's new CRV was awesome. .Finally met my frind at Metro Park station after almost 1 yr. .! Shared old memories . talked and talked about every other frined in India. .! But then again it was time. .time always plays it part. .finally it was time to coem back. .was kinda senti to leave my place. .but Memphis was calling ! So I am bk at work hammerring some servers. .! Thanks everyone..!
ThanksGiving ..! - Thursday, December 01, 2005 -

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