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Memphis..here i come
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where have i been ?

Yep its long long time. .I know I shouldn't even post now . .but no am not giving it up .! want to make it habit to blog every single day. .!
So its almost close to 2 months now in memphis. The weather is awesome, its already chilly where I came from (NJ). So now i have all setup with my new house ! a new fish tank with 2 bettas named (Mickey and Nemo), same old computer now with some new games Quake 4 and FEAR . .(finished both of them!) and whole lot of new friends. .! The best part is we play quake 3 in our work place. .inside our network. .thrs nothing like it! Last month I was wondering about how human beings came into existense ..saw this movie "Chariots of God". Its really amazing that we know so little of it. .so I started reading on matter, big bang, M theory (ck http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ ,its dam interesting) Dunno how much I got into my tiny head though. .but I'll continue to do it ..
where have i been ? - Saturday, November 12, 2005 -

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