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Counter Strike - Day in Day out. .!
Water rafting ..level 3
Lol. .Mars stuff
White water rafting..!!
Long weekend. .!
New day !
Spurs won..
Time for walk .. .
More posts. .
Blog. .Y ?
My Website

Mac - Tiger on x86 ..!!!

Yea thats true Mac OS on your intel based pcs..x86 architecture. .!!! Got it done on my laptop. .tried out all poosbile things and yes the laptop is still oging good inspite of all this ..well if uhave no clue of wat matalking about here it is in brief. .Mac OS runs only on Apple propietary (i know spelling is wrong) hardware. .now that Apple will be using Intel chips. .they removed/edited the modules that would allow them to work on x86 architecture. .some dvds leaked out and were all over the internet and thats where we all started. .ok so finally i got windows(xp pro), linux(Ubuntu my fav) and Mac(Tiger ) on my laptop. .ck out my posts and links on this forum. .my nick all over the webspace is niqhil. .:)
Mac - Tiger on x86 ..!!! - Wednesday, August 17, 2005 -

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